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Engineering excellence without the overhead

Third Coast Engineering Corp.


Working with consulting services can mean working with a big, impersonal business. However, Steve Fish, president of Third Coast Engineering Corp., is the antithesis of big business. He runs his engineering service with a feature that is unique these days — a personal touch.

                 When your company needs environmental consulting services, and you call on a large firm to provide those services, a lot of times that firm’s corporate overhead trickles down to your bottom line. Fish has managed to minimize that in his business.

                 Backed by more than 22 years of experience, Fish and Third Coast Engineering Corp. provide domestic and international expertise with a variety of environmental engineering services, including environmental permitting, compliance assistance, auditing, regulatory assessment, environmental training, risk management, sampling assistance, on-site environmental support and project management. All of these services are tailored to the client’s needs and all at a fraction of the cost the client company is accustomed to seeing from consulting firms.

                 “Third Coast is a flat organization, so we can provide environmental services at a much lower cost for the same level of experienced engineer you get with a larger firm,” Fish explained. “We are free of a large overhead burden. We pass the savings on to our clients.”

                 Tom Solomon and the folks at FMC Corp. are just one example of clients currently enjoying the benefits of Third Coast Engineering’s services. Solomon is a retired environmental engineer for FMC, but still provides consulting services to FMC.

                 “With Third Coast Engineering, the experience and service are positive,” Solomon explained. “The biggest advantage that I have with Steve is that he knows my process, and that saves a lot of time.

                 “Steve is responsive to the needs of the customers, and I am quite happy with him. He offers competitive pricing, and I give him the highest recommendation that you can give. Third Coast Engineering gets the job done.”

                 “If you want to save money — especially in today’s tight economy, let us provide a quote on your next project, and see for yourself what you can save,” Fish said.

                 For more information, please call Steve Fish at (281) 856-2186 or visit


Reprinted with permission from the September 2004 issue of BIC newsmagazine.